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Rush Hour

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Genre: Action, Comedy Country: USA
IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 Released Date: N/A
Runtime: 60 min Language: English
Stars: Jon Foo, Justin Hires, Aimee Garcia, Page Kennedy,

Summary: TV show based on the action-comedy 'Rush Hour' films about an L.A. cop who teams up with a detective from Hong Kong.


CBS has exhausted so many permutations of the buddy-cop format that the network has inevitably resorted to adapting and recycling. It does a bit of both with “Rush Hour,” a light-hearted series version of the Chris Tucker-Jackie Chan movie trilogy, pairing Justin Hires and Jon Foo as the wisecracking L.A. detective and taciturn Hong Kong cop, thrown together here on an open-ended basis. The benefit of this strategy is that negative reviews won’t likely represent much of a setback; rather, “Rush Hour” will get by, or not, on the equity built up in the name, its mix of action and comedy, and the chemistry (hardly combustible at first) of its stars. Until then, a show intended to get its kicks will collect its share of lumps.