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Kurtlar Vadisi

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Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Country: Turkey
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 Released Date: 15 Jan 2003
Runtime: 65 min Language: Turkish
Stars: Kerem Firtina, Erdem Ergüney, Özgü Namal, Ipek Tenolcay,

Summary: The Wolves of The Valley serie is written by Osman Sinav which explains Turkish mafia related with external international powers. The series lasted 97 episodes. The header character is Polat Alemdar and his mafia crew. Polat is an agent who tries to destroy whole Turkish Mafia assigned by KGB (agency). Also , as long as polat digs the deepside of mafia he learns bitter truths about his past and his family. Today The Wolves of The Valley still goes on with many character substitutions and with different name.