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The Americans

Watch The Americans Online Season 2

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery Country: USA
IMDB Rating: 8.3/10 Released Date: 30 Jan 2013
Runtime: 44 min Language: English
Stars: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Holly Taylor, Keidrich Sellati

Summary: A pair of deep-cover Soviet spies masquerades as a typical DC couple whose children, neighbors, coworkers & friends are completely unaware of their activities. At home, they're the stereotypical parents of stereotypical kids; at work, they pose as travel agents; but at night, they weave a web of confidants, lovers, dupes, and historical figures from the Reagan-era Cold War. The startlingly realistic plot twists force the viewer to consider the real cost of an undeclared war, what it takes to protect one's beliefs, if it's worth it, and if it actually worked for either side.


“The Americans” has always been about people faced with impossible choices. No matter what Philip or Elizabeth do about their daughter, Paige (Holly Taylor), who now knows their secret, or what they tell their handlers (who include the great Frank Langella and Margo Martingale), someone eventually will get hurt. The Jennings have long since stopped caring about what happens to them as individuals if they decide to forsake the Soviet Union, but they want their children to survive the extremely dicey situation the entire family is in. There is something very Russian in the soul of “The Americans,” which shows how impossible and important compassion is, and which finds beauty in sacrifices that may be pointless. In its first three seasons, the show’s melancholy nature set it apart, as well as its commitment to exploring complicated ideas about dignity, autonomy and the harsh outer limits of morality. It’s long been in the top tier of TV dramas, and this year, it looks set to stay there.