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The Wicked Within

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Genre: Horror Country: USA
IMDB Rating: 4.6/10 Released Date: 16 Oct 2015
Runtime: 91 min Director: Jay Alaimo
Stars: Sienna Guillory, Gianni Capaldi, Enzo Cilenti, Michele Hicks,

Summery: After a year passes since the sudden death of a child, a family gathering takes place whilst peculiar unexplainable events occur. Tension over peculiar circumstances cracks the veneer of cordiality and dark secrets emerge. Bethany (Sienna Guillory) becomes increasingly unhinged and seems Hell bent on tearing her family apart. Is she possessed or simply playing devils advocate? With the help of a priest and a psychic the family attempts to restore peace and sanity. But events which occur that night could never have been foreseen. Police psychologist Dr Woods (Eric Roberts) tries to exact fact from fiction of what really took place in the house in this gothic horror morality tale.

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