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Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour

Watch Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour Online

Genre: Documentary, Music Country: USA
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 Released Date: 09 Dec 2016
Runtime: 120 min Director: Nathan Rissman, Danny Tull, Lilly Melgar, Steven Klein
Stars: Madonna, Kevin Antunes, Kupono Aweau, Allauné Blegbo,

Summery: Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour spans all decades of the iconic superstar's illustrious career, including songs from Rebel Heart to classic fan favorites like "Material Girl" and "Holiday." Memorable highlights from the tour include her first-ever live concert performance of "Take a Bow," acoustic versions of "Like a Prayer," celebrity guest dancers during the song "Unapologetic Bitch" such as Katy Perry, and many more unforgettable moments.

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