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Jil Jung Juk

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Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime Country: India
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 Released Date: 12 Feb 2016
Runtime: 136 min Director: Deeraj Vaidy
Stars: Siddharth, Sananth, Avinash Raghudevan, Radha Ravi,

Summery: In 2020, three young blokes, Jil, Jung & Juck with nothing in common between them, are assigned the task of transporting an Ambassador car coated with Cocaine-paint by the dreaded drug-lord, Dheivanayagam. Along the way they encounter Narasimhan with an almost identical car who makes small talk & tries to gel with the trio. After a night of drinking the trio escape the pub without his knowledge. But only later do they realize that in a drunken stupor they have taken Narasimhan's car & not their own.